Scottish Power Support

There are quite a few people who wish to start a new project around their home, and they will notice how easy it is to call when they want to dig. Digging is quite dangerous when it has not been done properly, and there are many people who do not call beforehand. This article explains how the company will help when someone who wants to dig calls. The calls that are placed to the company go to the dig division who will send someone out to help.

Know What’s Below Before You Dig

The digging division of the company will help everyone who calls by sending out a crew that will do all the marking for the site. They will spray paint all the lines on the site, and they will check where every new line is. The line is quite simple to find when the crew comes to the house, and they will speak with the homeowner when that is necessary. The company has a crew of people that does this all day, and they will show the customer what is needed when they want to begin building.

Coordinate with Scottish Power Prior to Breaking Ground

Companies may call Scottish Power at any time before they start their next dig, and they will show the company how they prefer the digging to be done. There is quite a lot of coordination that goes into digging, and someone who does not know how to complete a new digging job may ask how it is to be done, and they will learn quickly what is to be done. They will receive all the information they need, and they will see the painted lines come up the moment the crew appears.

Stay Safe with One Phone Call

Everyone must call the phone number at before digging because they cannot be safe without the painted lines. The company will send someone on a schedule, and they will notice how easy it is to get the work done after the work crew arrives. The work crew spends all day out attempting to find all their customers, and they will speak to customers when arriving if they need. The site will be painted, and the lines will be shown for as long as the customer requires. Customers who are searching for a way to get around power lines will notice they may have the power lines shown for yards and yards.

Easy to Understand Markings

The simple lines that are drawn on a site must be done by someone who knows the location of the lines, and they will learn how simple it is to prepare for a major dig that will inform their work. Digging is unsafe when it is done properly, and the painted lines will point everyone int he right direction. The lines will show the workers where they may dig, and there are quite a few people who will learn about their digs when they begin.

The simplest of all digs are completed when the customer calls for help. They must call the phone number before digging, and they must schedule an appointment with a work crew for line painting.

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